LivBix Technologies

Privacy Policy

  • Personal Data

    you can choose multiple ways to get connected with us like a query request form, contact form. We may take your personal information like your full name, gender, contact details, email address to identify and to get better communication with our visitors.

    LivBix technology respect and follow all the privacy norms in order to sharing and using client’s private details. we would make ensure you that we will maintain confidentiality between client’s and us. That can be only used by our trusted sources to impart you extra support to your project.

  • Analytics

    We take information about your domain names/IP address to make an analysis of the various statistics, like viewed pages, total visits, total time spent on the website by the visitors etc. The details has been taken by using navigation data like URL or cookies are to look for the time and time of the visit, operating system and browser in terms of maintain security.

  • Use Of Data

    LivBix technology use the collected details in order to improve services for the better services like better communication, fast response to your queries, processing status and other services. In some critical cases, we may share your information with the third party. Like

    Sometimes it is needed to complete your offered services.

    Your personal information can be used for digital marketing, promotional emails and other things for your business advancement.

  • Privileges

    Clients have all rights to stop receiving marketing mails, newsletter, or any other electronic communication. For stop receiving these services you just need to either click on “unsubscribe” button or mail us directly.

  • Updating Privacy Statement

    You are supposed to hang around by the policies and practices of standard IT solution that have been demonstrated in the privacy statements. We reserves al the rights to modify, update or amend the privacy practices and polices without any prior notice. We strictly recommend our clients to check our privacy statements at regular basis to stay updated with the modified policies and to obey it.

  • Security

    Standard IT solution takes reasonable precautions and succeed high standards of security to keep your personal information more and more secure from getting misused and diminish risk factor.

  • Cookies

    We use cookies to manage session or to measure time of visit by visitors and are not used to personally identify you on websites.

  • Contact Us

    Whenever you feel any doubt or have a query about anything, you are free to contact LivBix technology, just by sending us an email that can help you to keep updated. Also, if you have any questions about our privacy policy then you can ask your doubt by contacting us at